This beautiful wedding day began at Christ Church in Brooklyn.  After the ceremony we rushed to Brooklyn Bridge Park.  I've met the couple there 2 weeks prior to scout locations.  Once we got Brooklyn Bridge Park our first location was the pebbled beach area.  While it was very crowded, we managed to get an angle where only one boy was in my shot and I had to photoshop him out.


After the pebbled beach area we went towards the 2nd nook I found.  This one was not part of the planned shooting spots at the park but I thought I could get a great shot.


One of the biggest signatures to my shooting style is if I'm shooting a subject, it's all about them.  I'm not concerned how populated an area is, I will make it about them and only them.  Now moving on to the next location, the couple really wanted a specific area at the park.


After this location we went to one last stop before we rushed to the reception.  There were literally dozens of folks here snapping pictures of us.  I usually have my lovely assistant to help me with the professional lighting and that makes us look like a big production set.


The next series of images is after the reception.  Dyker Beach Golf Course was very kind in giving an extra golf cart to take the the newlyweds to the best shooting locations in the golf course. It was us in the 2 carts plus a third tour guy and we looked like a 3 car convoy all over the course.  It was a great experience for all of us.


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