While this is not just a list but also a mile high view of what a DelensMode Photography Wedding experience is like. This is exactly what to expect. We create, we engage, and we capture the most beautiful moments of your day.

1. Creative Process

Getting ready pictures for us is our favorite part of the day is because this is where the creative process begins. It’s early, we’re pumped, and we are ready to rock. After we greet the bride we get to work immediately. We gather all the shoes, rings, wedding dress, and every last detail you can imagine. We shoot this in dozens of variations. Additionally, we get amazing images of the make up being applied as well as the groom getting all spiffy.

2. Capture Fun Times with the Bridal Party

This is where we have to win everyone. I believe it requires just the right personality. We try to make things fun while also remembering we are there to catch candids and be out of the way.

3. Kodak moments.. I mean DelensMode Moments

This is our personal touch. We love to create those impact-full or tear jerking moments. We usually do this towards the end of bride and groom prep once all the details are out of the day.