The beautiful weather is now upon us and all the couples are now cashing on their Free Engagement Session included in their wedding packages. This year’s #1 pic for most couples is DUMBO Brooklyn. DUMBO has so many options for photo ops it’s insane. You do have to know the area well to really get the most out of it. I usually have folks meet me at Starbucks as the first location I start is only 2 short blocks away

I solely used the Nikon Z6 for these engagement photos. The light weight of this camera really makes me feel like an artist. I didn’t use a strobe for this session which is not the best idea when the sun is so harsh. The whole time I was worried I was not going to light these images. The sun was completely blinding. When I got to the office and I started to edit these images I was so impressed how much detail I was able to get. I absolutely love these images. I was stressing for nothing as I did not need a strobe at all.

Gear used:

Nikon Z6 | Tamron G2 70-200 | Tamron G2 24-70 | Sigma Art 135mm 1.8