I just picked up the new Fuji X-T3 at Unique Photo in New Jersey and I was anxious to get this bad boy to a wedding. At first I will admit I thought this camera was too small for my hands. It’s a significant difference coming from the Fuji X-H1. The second I got home I configured the camera settings for pro use. I made sure all the buttons and command dials were set to make quick changes to Auto Focus Modes and White Balance. I also configured the Command Dial to be my Exposure Compensation.

Friday had arrived and I finally got shoot my first wedding with this camera. I started with shots around the property. Shooting with this camera really makes me feel like an artist. I think of composition. I use the LCD screen to compose often. I find myself taking less shots

Maricel & Gary Wedding (4).jpg
Maricel & Gary Wedding (6).jpg

Fast forward to the wedding ceremony I was shooting with the Fuji X-T3 primarily and my back up camera was a Nikon D850. This way if I had terrible pictures, I knew i’d have amazing shots with the D850. I set my Fuji X-T3 to Wide Tracking auto-focus and enabled Face and Eye Detect. Most people don’t do this, but to be honest, I want to think about getting the shot. I don’t want to miss a moment because I’m spending so much time focusing for the eyes. I want the camera to do all that work for me. With that said, it nailed every shot, especially when a bride walks fast.

Maricel & Gary Wedding (49).jpg

This camera has definitely proven itself as a camera I can use professionally. I know many folks have been using the Fuji X-T2 but I’ve never shot with it myself. I have to say I am very pleased with the results and I will definitely plan on getting another X-T3 before the year is over.


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