Today I did a small family portrait session with the brand new Nikon Z6. Coming from the Nikon D850 it was not that hard to adjust. On the D850 I had each image display for 3 seconds to check on my focus. I configured my Z6 to do the same thing and that was a problem. Being that the view finder was an electronic display it was displaying the picture inside the viewfinder. Many times I wanted to keep shooting but was constantly annoyed. It was an easy configuration to change it back. The only other issue I had with the Nikon Z6 was that the focus was not as fast and as great as the Fuji X-T3. These are just first world problems because when I got home the camera nailed focus 99% of the time.

The FTZ adapter did give me some initial problems. Both my Tamron G2 lenses were erroring out the camera. I had to purchase the Tap device from Tamron that upgrades the Firmware on each lens. Once that was complete all my lenses almost felt like I was shooting natively to the camera. All in all I am happy with this camera and I am looking forward to Hybrid Shooting at my weddings in the future with it as it has image stabilization built in.