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Valley Regency | Michelle & Mario Wedding with Fuji X-T3

The valley Regency in Clifton, New Jersey was such a nice place to shoot a wedding. It was our first time there. It has an endless opportunity for photos. The great thing is that bride and groom prep areas were completely on the opposite sides of the building.

The party started with them the moment we got there. They had the perfect playlist of music while we were doing our bride prep. They did a first look which was awesome. We like to that because we are in better position to really see the reactions of the bride and groom. They had Posh DJs during the reception and they always tear the roof off.

As far as gear is concerned we did a bold move to shoot both Nikon d850 and Fuji X-T3. The Fuji X-T3 did such an amazing job during the reception which was one of my biggest concerns. The focus was fast and there as no struggling in low light at all. The next wedding will be shot in it’s entirety with the Fuji X-T3

Last but not least I also wanted to share a short slideshow we did for Mario and Michelle. I have to say we are quite please with the results.

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