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3 Reasons Why Bride & Groom Prep is our favorite part of your wedding day

While this is not just a list but also a mile high view of what a DelensMode Photography Wedding experience is like. This is exactly what to expect. We create, we engage, and we capture the most beautiful moments of your day.

1. Creative Process

Getting ready pictures for us is our favorite part of the day is because this is where the creative process begins. It’s early, we’re pumped, and we are ready to rock. After we greet the bride we get to work immediately. We gather all the shoes, rings, wedding dress, and every last detail you can imagine. We shoot this in dozens of variations. Additionally, we get amazing images of the make up being applied as well as the groom getting all spiffy.

2. Capture Fun Times with the Bridal Party

This is where we have to win everyone. I believe it requires just the right personality. We try to make things fun while also remembering we are there to catch candids and be out of the way.

3. Kodak moments.. I mean DelensMode Moments

This is our personal touch. We love to create those impact-full or tear jerking moments. We usually do this towards the end of bride and groom prep once all the details are out of the day.



Family Looks Like Legos in Botched Family Photo Shoot

I've never written a blog post like this, but this is a perfect example of why you should leave the photography to professionals.  A photographer was hired to take photos of a family at a park.  It happened to be a bright and sunny day.  What could go wrong?  Apparently a lot.  The photographer did not know how to position the family in harsh light.  She also didn't use any type of diffuser or professional strobe.  And last but not least, she did not know how to properly edit the photos when all else failed. She decided to fake the faces and make them look like legos.  She actually delivered this to the family.

There is a lot to be learned by this.  If I were the photographer I would have said that I am new and I'd do this completely free.  This way, if my work was this bad, we could have simply rescheduled until I got it right.  The blame is also to the family who decided that they wanted to save a buck and go to the cheapest photographer they can find.  You get what you pay for is the catchphrase of the day. 

At Delensmode, something like this will never happen.  We know how to make our photos exposed correctly in this situation.  Additionally, we carry professional light gear that can over power the sun in most cases.  Not to mention, all you have to do is make use of good shade in these situations.

In my examples below you see various examples of outdoor shoots where the sun is bright.  You can tell the light is consistent throughout.  This is when we bring out our professional lighting gear.  As a professional photographer you know your camera gear inside and out.  The most expensive camera gear does have it's limitations, and that's when you bring out professional lighting gear.

Our post is not to put blame to the family or the photographer as this ended in laughs for the family.  However, it's to show value in what we do.  Photography is like any other profession.  It requires constant training of the craft and new gear. Luckily for us, it's our passion.  We love what we do.  When we say the biggest stressful day of your life (your wedding day) is our comfort zone. We mean it.  We thrive in pressure.



Engagement Session at Happy Day Farm in Manalapan Township, New Jersey

It's fall with 90 degree weather today.  Our mission is an engagement session at Happy Day Farm in Manalapan Township, New Jersey.  With no cloud in site and no shade I thought today was not going to be our best shoot ever.  I brought an assistant to do our professional lighting and combat the harsh sun.  For us, our engagment shoots are how we connect with clients and build a great relationship.  What we do is much more than photography.  I hope you enjoy today's images.



Yours Truly In Action

Hi folks, for a long time I've always made a point just to share my passion with everyone.  I always was concerned with the final product and much less about me.  Being that we are starting a Youtube Channel I feel it's only right to start introducing who I am to the universe.  Hope you enjoy the very quick clip and subscribe to our Youtube channel because there is so much more to come.





Head Shot Season

The temperature is dropping and wedding season has come to an end.  Portrait season is among us.  We run many promotions and sometimes we include a hairstylist and a make up artist that we love.  Last week's promotion was all about the corporate headshot.  This is perfect for LinkedIn

corporate headshot portrait nj bergen county

corporate portrait nikon headshot nj maywood hackensack



Studio Portrait with Melissa Rodrigues

Here's a studio session I did with Melissa.  Her third time in the studio.  She brought her grandmother along this time so I put her in front of the big strobes.  Not so fast grandma, you are not escaping without your picture being taken.


melissa studio portraits
Studio portrait white background
grandma studio portrait


Fiorella & Luis

Today was a beautiful day for an intimate wedding.  We were very limited with time and shooting locations and I was able to get some beautiful images that they really enjoyed.  

ring bouquet
fiorela wedding